Consultant Corner – Shaunagh Durkin

Tell us a little bit about your background and what it was that attracted you to Foundation Recruitment.

I’ve always been in work from a very young age and when I finished college I worked full time as a restaurant manager before taking the decision to go to university to study Journalism. Ultimately the course wasn’t what I thought it was and although I achieved a 1st Degree  I finished university unsure what career I wanted to go into but keen to find a role in which I would be able to utilise my most valuable skills and capitalise on my experience working in a fast paced, communication focused environment. I was (and still am) impressed with the success of the company after being established during a period of recession, as well as the direct involvement and hands on approach from Directors Julian and Louise; the time invested training and developing staff and the general focus and drive of every member of the team.

You will be working in the Shopping Centre Management Team.  Tell us what is it that you enjoy about the shopping centre management sector?

My current focus is candidate driven and I really enjoy the diversity of skills and experience and hearing about the challenges and opportunities each candidate is facing in their current role. Prior to working at Foundation Recruitment I had never considered the complexity of shopping centres within the property market, so it is interesting to learn how each scheme is driven and how each role is instrumental in the management and operation of it’s centre.

What will you be working on in the shopping centre management team at FR?

I am working within the Shopping Centre & Venue Management sector, focusing on permanent recruitment on a nationwide basis. Working alongside my colleagues I recruit for Shopping Centre Managers, Centre Directors, General Managers, Operations Managers, Marketing Managers, Retail Marketing Executives, Marketing Coordinators, Retail Liaison Managers, Commercialisation Managers, Commercialisation Assistants and Retail Account Managers.

How does Foundation Recruitment differentiate from other property recruiters?

I think our clear set of values which are embedded within everything the company and team do, ensures that we deliver a service based on quality.  Granted the company provides the same services as other property recruiters but by ensuring we follow these standards and communicate effectively and frequently with candidates and clients we provide a service people keep coming back to. It makes my job much easier and enjoyable because when I tell people I’m calling from Foundation Recruitment they want to speak to me, rather than having to fight for their attention.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I would love to lie and say I am one of those people that goes to the gym and keeps fit and works out, but I’m not. I love to eat: cooking, learning new recipes and trying new restaurants and cuisines is something I make a lot of time for. And drinking wine, I like to make time for wine. I also enjoy going to gigs and festivals in the summer.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself?

When I was in college I had a story published in an anthology. That’s a pretty boring interesting fact. I’ve eaten ostrich and crocodile too. They tasted like chicken and beef, not too bad actually! I also have a black belt in Tai Kwon Do.

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