Consultant Corner – Isabel Ruiz Halter

You previously worked for PWC in Spain, what attracted you to the recruitment industry and Foundation Recruitment in particular?

While working for PwC I had the opportunity to support the HR team in a project which I found very interesting. The idea of interacting with people and companies was very attractive. Also, facilitating career change in a person’s life and supporting business growth through the activity of recruitment was something that I found stimulating and a lot more personal than my previous role.

Since my first phone conversation with Julian Long, I knew that this was the company I wanted to work for. I saw a real future in Foundation Recruitment given the successes and growth over previous years. The professionalism and deep knowledge of the property market was very appealing. I was struck by the fact they wanted me to be part of the International Team with a focus on Iberia. The opportunity of working abroad and using my language skills also caught my attention.

What type of jobs will you be recruiting for and which geographical regions will you be responsible for?

In the International team, I will be recruiting for roles within the Commercial Real Estate sector such as Asset Managers, Investment Analysts, Fund Managers, Leasing Managers, Real Estate Marketing professionals, Development Managers, among others. I will be responsible for the EMEA regions with a special focus on Spain and Portugal.

Give 3 words that your friends would use to describe you?

Positive, ambitious and outgoing.

If you had to cook your new colleagues a meal, what would be your signature dish?

Tortilla espanola!

What was the last music concert you attended?

Paul McCartney’s concert at the O2 Arena

How many languages do you speak and what are they?

I speak Spanish, English and Swiss German (due to my double nationality)

The Foundation Recruitment office is situated in between Regent Street and Oxford Street in central London. Will you be able to resist shopping every day?

I feel tempted every day looking through the shop windows and I hope that once I have become successful here I will be able to buy what I would like to.

What are the best and worst things about London?

The best thing is the diversity that the city offers and the worst thing, the weather! Overall, I find it an exciting place to live. London has this special thing that captures you.

What is your local shopping centre at home in Spain?

I usually go to La Canada Shopping Center in Marbella.

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