Artificial Intelligence has made it possible to automate significant elements of the recruitment process. Whilst we fully embrace technological advance, we believe that it should be employed to enhance the recruitment model, not wholescale replace it. Specialist recruitment should remain a human, mindful journey.

FRVideo ensures that our highly skilled, passionate Consultants remain central to the recruitment process whilst at the same time capturing and sharing the unique human qualities of our candidates, ultimately leading to better hiring decisions delivered in a shorter timeframe.

Average 50% shorter hiring process.

Hire the employees best suited for the role and company culture.

Average 60% reduction in the number of candidates interviewed.

Using FRVideo, we cut out unnecessary, time-consuming first stage interviews. Our suite of tools allows us to offer better matches, in less time. The removal of geographic barriers mean we can access a wider pool of highly relevant talent, and ensure the best candidates are the ones we present to our clients.

Two-Way Video Interviews Video Advertising & Headhunting Candidate Questions
Two-Way Video Interviews Video Advertising & Headhunting Candidate Questions


To learn more about how FRVideo can enhance your recruitment process,
speak to your dedicated consultant or contact:

Alex Rowbottom
UK Director
+44 (0) 7889 536 152
Shaunagh Durkin
Associate Director – International
+44 (0) 7793 242 509


Please get in touch for more information on how FRVideo can benefit you!

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