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Outlet Management is the ultimate combination of retail and property. In this exciting, fast paced world, the success of the retail defines the success of the property asset.

As expert recruiters within this field we know that managing an Outlet Centre is not the same as managing a “full price” shopping centre. Only in fully appreciating this fact can we as recruiters deliver the most appropriate candidates into this dynamic sector. Success is measured in sales; by the hour, by the day, by the week.

The equation is fairly simple. The higher the level of sales, the higher the level of rent paid by an occupiers.  This makes it essential to have an on site and head office team who not only understand retail, they live and breathe it.

At Foundation Recruitment, our world has always revolved in the space between retail and property and we search in both markets to find the best candidates for each job. “Retail is Detail” is a commonly used phrase in the sector and the same applies when searching for the right candidate for your business or centre. Not every outlet is the same or has the same target demographic. Some focus on purely luxury goods and some focus more on the mass market. All of this has an effect on the type of person you need.

Our Approach

Put simply, our goal is to find candidates who can drive the commercial performance of your centre by attracting more footfall and ensuring they spend when they arrive.

In Outlet Centre Management, this is likely to be someone with a background of demanding  retail store management with a track record of improving sales performance. If it’s leasing you require, it might not be essential for the candidate to have experience in outlet leasing, but they must have excellent relationships with the types of retailer you want to attract to your centre.

We work with the worlds leading outlet developers and investors to understand their business objectives and find the people who can help achieve them.

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